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Click here to advertise is the industry's prime source for company contacts, news, statistics, and general oil and gas information. Its visitors are investors, students, and businessmen from around the globe. These potential customers are looking for your ad to help them locate the equipment, materials, and services they need to:

* find exciting educational and career opportunities;

* build financial security; and

* improve E&P operations and productivity.

Viewed daily by students, investors, managers, engineers, superintendents, foremen, geoscientists, drilling contractors, and purchasing personnel, is an essential part of your marketing strategy. So, why don't you let help you help them today!!!

_______________________________________ can accomodate a variety of banner sizes (some of which are shown on this page). Generally speaking, advertisement space is reserved for the top margin (below the logo); along the right margin; and, along the bottom margin (above the copyright information) of each page.

Available banner sizes with special introductory rates* include:

88 x 31

120 x 60

234 x 60

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* Use the Contact Us button to ask for current advertising rates. Special introductory rates are subject to change without notice or warning. Minimum 3 months commitment at sign-up.

Our oil and service company contacts page offers an EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE, additional opportunity to stand out among your peers by highlighting your company's contact information! Check it out:

ABC Corporation; 7890 Main Street, Anytown, USA; 111-222-3333

XYZ Corporation; 1234 Main Street, Anytown, USA; 123-456-7890

LMN Corporation; 56 Main Street, Anytown, USA; 222-333-4444


So, How do I place an Ad?

Please fill out our online advertising insertion order form if you would like to advertise with Using the order form will ensure your request is delivered to the appropriate personnel, and expedite processing.

Please allow 3 weeks from the time payment is received for advertisement appearance. We will work to post your ad as quickly as possible (often before 3 weeks has expired), but need to ensure that the "look and feel" of our site is maintained.

Please fill out the form as completely as possible. We will contact you as the need arises.

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So, What are the Payment Terms?

Full payment is required (three month minimum) with the insertion order. Thereafter, a monthly invoice will be sent. The advertiser and agency are jointly and severally liable for payment of invoices for advertising on

All rates are in US dollars. These rates are effective January 1, 2008. Rates subject to change.


A few things to remember...

If you are sending your graphics:

* Please make sure the online ad GIF, JPEG dimensions are the proper size.

* Ads with white or transparent backgrounds must include a 1 pixel-wide border.

* E-mail the URL link for the online ad graphic to the sales manager (


* Post your online ad graphic on your ftp site and e-mail instructions to the sales manager on how to pick it up.

Please specify:

1. Advertiser name

2. GIF, JPEG file name(s)

3. Respective URL link(s)

4. Live date

5. End date


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1. reserves the right to refuse or take down any advertising considered unacceptable.

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6. Rates are subject to change.

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