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So, what's News from the Top Major Oil Companies?

Oil company news is vital to the investor and businessman alike. oilprimer.com provides current news summaries excerpted from the top major oil companies' press releases and from unaffiliated news agencies.

The summaries are sorted by month and are further categorized as upstream news, downstream news, and business/finance news.

So, why do you need oil company news?

Simply put, if you're not reading recent news, you truly don't know what's going on in the industry!

It's not just about oil anymore.

Oil companies are stepping outside of the traditional oil field, investing in popular "green" energy sources such as biofuels, wind and solar energy. Companies have responded to the greenhouse gas emissions debate and calls to manage their carbon footprint. But, that's not all. Companies donate millions of dollars to war-torn nations, regions devastated by mother nature, important women and minority causes, and educational institutions.

Reviewing these monthly news summaries gives you a greater sense of each top companies' activities and priorities. See where they are and what they're doing. You will gain insight into the companies as you read of their activities month by month.

And, just so you don't think it's just the "happy spin" you're getting from oilprimer.com, news summaries from mainstream news sources like the New York Times , and the Los Angeles Times are also tapped to provide a glimpse as to how the industry is perceived from coast to coast. They don't let oil companies off lightly. You decide:

"Is the oil industry truly a community of philanthropists?"

"Is there something much more sinister at work here within these massive corporations?"


"Is the oil industry just like other global industries, trying to survive in a complicated world?"

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BP - 2012

CHEVRON - 2012



LUKOIL - 2012


TOTAL S.A. - 2012

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