Oil Company Rankings

So, How Do The Major Oil Companies Rank With Each Other?

Oil Company Rankings occur all of the time in daily life. Often, when one considers oil companies, they think of the various gas stations they drive by and visit on their way to and from work or some other destination. They even form opinions of the companies based on the quality of service they recieve from the attendants.

Of course, oil companies are much more than their service station arms - although marketing is essential. Each company has goals and objectives established by their directors which give them each their own particular character. Even governments run their own oil companies and dictate the terms of private operations within their countries!

Oil companies around the world - especially those who are not owned by their government - compete with each other to find oil and other sources of energy, produce them, and grow their market share. Oil company rankings relative to each other, then, are essential to understanding competition in this global industry.

oilprimer ranks the top major oil companies amongst each other based on basic industry metrics: assets, revenue, net income, and oil and gas production and reserves.

Check out the 2013 data: finance rankings; production rankings; and reserves rankings!

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