Well Capacity Tables

Check out oilprimer.com's new pipe dimensions and capacities computer program!!!

Have you ever had an uncomfortable situation at a well site where your well capacity tables came in handy? If you haven't, look out, because your first time is going to be a big one!

OK, so you're at a well site and the well abandonment program calls for a plug consisting of 200 sacks of Class "G" cement for 6-5/8" casing. Well, the well you're looking at is the proper well, with no other problems other than the now painfully acquired fact that the author of that program didn't field verify the well data since it is actually 8-5/8" casing!

Oops! Sounds familiar doesn't it?

What do you do now? Do you have enough cement, water, and abandonment fluid onsite to get the job done? Are you shutting down, waiting on supplies and working overtime, or can you make lemonade out of those lemons and spot an adequate plug with the supplies on hand?

Well, the only thing you can do (constructive, that is) is recalculate the requirements based on the well's actual dimensions and capacities, and call in for more supplies if necessary.

To do this calculation, engineers and oil well specialists utilize field data tables that tell them the capacity of pipe. With this data, they can calculate and order well supplies, AND verify calculations in advance of the scheduled field operations to minimize costly downtime.

With good well information these calculations are simple. However, good engineering practice and experience dictates you order a few more sacks and barrels just in case.

Since data handbooks are increasingly hard to find, oilprimer.com provides dimension and capacity tables here for you. Tables include open hole, drill pipe, tubing, and casing capacity information. Use, and enjoy, but always verify...

Get your pipe dimensions and capacities download!!! Table challenged? Do you want an even easier option for looking up pipe capacities? Well, oilprimer.com has now released “PIPE DIMENSIONS, CAPACITIES AND ANNULAR VOLUMES 2007, Version 2.0”!!!

“PIPE DIMENSIONS, CAPACITIES AND ANNULAR VOLUMES 2007, Version 2.0” is an easy to use Microsoft Access-based software program that allows users to look up specific pipe capacity information for oilfield well applications – right from their own computer!


oilprimer.com provides dimension and capacity tables for your use. We have obtained this information from reliable sources and believe it to be accurate. However, we make no claim to its accuracy and the user is advised to verify it and other information sources before authorizing and conducting well work.

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Open Hole Capacity Table
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